Vision, Priority and Thrust

SMBTAV SN Degree College — Veeravasaram 534 245, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh

Distinctiveness of the institution in the area of promotion of women education:

The Context

Veeravasaram is a large village in the affluent costal district of West Godavari in Andhra Pradesh State,which is a main centre for more than 100 small villages and habitations. Agriculture continues to be the major occupation of people as there are no major industries in and around the town. The village had a school in the year 1853 itself, established by the Dutch this has grown into a full-fledged High School by the year 1945. However, a Junior College was established in the year 1976.
After intermediate, the general trend those days was either pursuing Degree courses or taking a family owned business or agriculture or joining the rank and file of labour force, almost every girl was getting married of soon after completing the intermediate. Parents were against sending their girls to faraway places for taking up academic career. Young children of this area not having opportunities for pursuing higher education pained philanthropist Sri Maddala Rama Krishnamma. Particularly closure of opportunities for girls to pursue higher education worried him.
Shri Maddala Ramakrishnamma was determinant that the young boys and girls of his village and surrounding areas should have easy access to higher education and technical education. Shri Maddala Ramakrishnamma established a trust known as Maddala Ramakrishnamma Educational Trust (M.R.K. Educational Trust) in the year1981. The M.R.K. Educational Trust started a degree college in the name of the parents of Shri Maddala Ramakrishnamma, Sri Maddala Buli Tataiah alias Venkanna and Srimathi Narasamamba Degree College in the year 1981. In the same year the trust has started a Polytechnic, which was named after the donor, Maddala Ramakrishnamma Polytechnic.
In its long journey of this degree college, it helped many girls and boys translate their dreams into several fields, viz., civil services, police department, academia, software and are holding prestigious positions within the country and abroad brining name and fame to the institution.
The uniqueness of the college is bringing higher education to the doorsteps of girls. It helped in changing the mindsets of parents about their girls. For the last three and half years, since the college came into being, there have been great changes in the individual lives of girls and later women. The first change is the average age of marriage for girls has gone up. They are competing with their male counterparts in studies and getting employment. Their social status which would have otherwise remained home-maker has become something that is radically different. They are earning by joining jobs, which gave them financial freedom. This has great impact on the society.
It is a rich tribute to the founder and the patron that the number of girls studying in this college is growing year after year.
The college is accredited by NAAC on 02-11-2018

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