Student Counselling& Career Guidance Cell Committee

  1. Smt.G.Urnamaherwari,Convenor
  2. Sri M.Rama Krishna
  3. Sri A.Sudheer Babu
  4. Kurn.V.Bhgyash, III B.Sc.,
  5. Mr.V.Mani Kanta, III B.A.,
  6. Kum.RN.S.Pushyami, II B.Sc.,


Student Counselling and career guidance cell organised various programmes to the students during the academic year 2017-18 which are summarised as follows.

In the beginning of the year, the cell conducted awareness campaign to the newly admitted students of BA, B.COM, BSC, classes.  And explained the role and functions of cell.  The students are divided into batches and intrusted them to the faculty members to maintain continuous report with students.

A guest lecture was conducted on communication skills with resource person V.V.Subba Rao lecturer in English.  He explained how to improve communication skills in a detailed manner.  Then a seminar was conducted on analytical skills with K. Rajesh, Lecturer in Mathematics as resource person.  He trained the students on improving logical and analytical skills which are useful for career development.  Later, another seminar class was organised on computer skills with A. Peddi Raju, Lecturerin Computer Science as resource person.  He explained a various aspects of computer skills and how to improve them.  Then a guest lecture was conducted on career guidance with G. Subhakar, IFS as resource person.  He trained the students how to plan and reach the goals then a personal counselling session was conducted by the cell with three circle inspectors as resource persons.  They cleared the inhibitions, do’s and don’t’s patiently.

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