Strategy Development and Deployment

The college has a long term action plan for development. The key aspects in the perspective plan are:

Improving academic standards of teaching and learning
Striving for increasing placements. The institution plans a constructive frame work for augmentation of infrastructural facilities and growth of the institution.

The five year long term college perspective plan i.e., 2012-13 to 2016-17 is as follows

The strategies for the implementation of activities proposed in the perspective plan involves the
mobilization of financial resources obtaining sanction orders from regulatory authorities, taking technical
support from experts etc,. The activities proposed in the five year perspective plan have been successfully
implemented by adopting these strategies.
Example: The college has been located in the rural area and hence protected water is not available in the
village. Therefore it is necessary to provide protected water to the students and staff of the college. For this
the college has planned to install RO water plant and coolers to provide the protected water. The college
submitted a proposal to the UGC for the financial assistance to install RO plant and coolers in the year
2013. UGC has released a bulk grant for infrastructure development in the year 2014. The RO plant has been
installed in the year 2014 and the expenditure incurred on it has been met from the UGC grant. The Plant
is working effectively and serving not only the college students and staff but also neighborhood families in
the village.
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