S.M.B.T.A.V.& S.N. Degree College Laboratory

Department of Chemistry has two labs, Physics has one lab and one dark room, department of Botany, Zoology, Computer Science and Geography have one lab each. All the labs are spacious, well equipped as per the university norms and there is no congestion felt by students. Regarding the labs the condemned equipment is replaced by new equipment and that need repairs are attended to and put back to use. It has been the practice for the last several years that every department submits the breakage list to the college office. The college office collects cost of the broken items from the students and the same is spent
for purchasing a new one in place of broken item. Whenever syllabus is changed new instruments are purchased by the college and repairs of the instruments and yearly maintenance is monitored by the maintenance committee. If the number of instruments to
conduct a particular experiment is less than number of the students in a batch, the problem is over come by allotting different experiments to engage all the students in a batch.

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