All the departments in the college conducted Bridge Course/ Orientation Program  to the newly admitted students of First year B.A., B.Com., and B.Sc., Classes. The Classes were conducted one week from the commencement of first year classes. 


The Following Points have been emphasized in the class:

1.      Importance of Graduation

2.      Importance of Communication Skills

3.      Job Prospectus to the degree students

4.      Weight-age and Importance of Higher education

5.      Role of Computer technology

6.      Structure of the degree course and Options

7.      Structure of the syllabus

8.      Examination pattern

9.      Importance of assignments, monthly tests and students seminars

10.  Advised to participate in academic competitions such as Quiz, Essay Writing, Elocution, etc.

Some advanced topics in addition to the intermediate syllabus were also taught. 

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